‘Danny and the Dolphin” by Kate Sommers is an uplifting children’s story that is perfect for all ages. The Italian adaptation has recently been re-released on Amazon as translated by me. I love the uplifting energy this wonderful storybook creates and I wanted to share a little bit about it.  If you love lighthearted, hope-inspiring stories then keep reading to learn more about “Danny and the Dolphin”.

The Author: Kate Sommers

Kate Sommers is the author of Danny and the Dolphin, The Lightness of Choosing You, and Manifesting Dreams Aligning With Desires, she has published magazine articles as well as poetry. She lives in Hawaii and draws inspiration from the immense beauty of nature that surrounds her. When she is not swimming in the ocean, snorkeling, or taking walks on the beach or in the forest, Kate loves writing feel-good stories. She has taught Writing on Oahu and was featured as a background extra on the television shows Off The Map, Last Resort and Hawaii Five-O. Most importantly, she is an immensely creative spirit whose kindness shines through everything she does. Kate has an incredibly beautiful energy, this is why I was very happy to take on the task of translating her precious children’s story so that it might be enjoyed in Italy.

The Story

“Danny and the Dolphin” is best described as a journey into the magical world of self-discovery. Danny, a young boy exploring the shore, serendipitously meets a Dolphin that enriches his perspectives, teaching him how to be open to the infinite possibilities of his life. The story incorporates the Law of Attraction, making it easy for children to learn it at a subconscious level.

The Art

This delightful story is illustrated by none other than Dan Mackin whose talent brings the story to life with vivid colors and entrancing details. The images within the book take viewers into that Universe meant by Kate where everything is possible. Dan’s joyous artwork has been featured in Disney World among many other venues, he is one of the licensed artists who are members of the Disney Legacy Program and his talent is often commissioned for projects like The Beach Boy’s Brian Wilson’s “Paradise”.

The Lessons

“Danny and the Dolphin” is ideal for all ages because it is a journey of self-discovery at its core. With the help of the animals of the Island, Danny learns about himself and about life. At the core of the book is the concept that each person has a choice in creating freedom by carefully choosing the thoughts and desires that most focus them on feeling happy. This delightful story is a reminder that the Law of Attraction is always adding momentum to our lives and that it’s up to us to shape our destinies by taking responsibility and infusing our minds and, most importantly, our hearts with the highest notions and feelings to inspire the best outcomes.

mini-Interview with Kate Sommers

Anamaria Maier: Thank you for taking some time to share your energy. Can you share a bit about what it is like living on Oahu?

Kate Sommers:

Living in Hawaii truly is paradise. It’s a place where the natural beauty and calmness embraces your heart and allows everyone to relax and enjoy life. There are so many things that inspire me to write, it’s endless The ocean can be seen everywhere and it’s so inviting. Swimming and snorkeling are some of my favorite ways to spend a day. its common to swim with big sea turtles and colorful fish, often a pod of dolphins will come around to play. People are friendly and kind, it’s easy to feel happy and peaceful here. The aloha spirit is abundant and rainbows shine bright, island life is a magical delight.

Anamaria Maier: What made you chose to become a writer?

Kate Sommers: I have been writing since I was very young. In my 6th-grade class, creative writing was my favorite subject, my teacher always encouraged me by giving me A++ and long notes on my papers encouraging me to keep writing.

Anamaria Maier: Growing up, who was your strongest inspiration?

Kate Sommers: I was inspired by Walt Disney. I wanted to meet him someday but he passed before I had the opportunity.

Anamaria Maier: What is the Premise of your book?

Kate Sommers: To me, “Danny and the Dolphin” is a story about the law of attraction and being deliberate with our thoughts and actions. It has bits and pieces of my life in it.

Anamaria Maier: Whats is next for Kate Sommers?

Kate Sommers: What is next is I’m working with an amazing creative team bringing Danny and the Dolphin to life in a Pixar style animated film. It’s super exciting!

For those who want to explore the peaceful, recharging universe of this story and follow Danny and the Blue on their adventure, I will leave the links to the Paperback and Kindle version of this enchanting storybook.

Always keep shining,


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