About Anamaria

About Anamaria

Passionately bringing characters to life...

Anamaria Maier is a Multilingual Actress, Writer and Model. Born in Transylvania on November 18th, she comes from a family that appreciates world culture and has a love for the Arts. She exudes sophistication with the timeless grace of Marilyn Monroe and Rita Hayworth. 

She studied Law but the desire to inspire through acting lead her to discover Ivana Chubbuck‘s “Power of the Actor” technique where she studied acting with a focus on empowering people. In Italy, Anamaria enrolled in a Bilingual Master of Film Acting program at the HT Studio de Santis in Rome and was gifted a scholarship to attend Ivana Chubbuck Studios in Hollywood.

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Anamaria Maier is sweet and loving and kind, her spirit resonates the divine, with energy that feels like a kiss from the heavens, misting her essence of beauty and love all over the place, touching our hearts puts a smile on my face!

Author Kate Sommers

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Anamaria Maier
(Annamaria Maier)
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Multilingual Actress, Model and Writer
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