Digital Marketing is an ever-expanding reality and, as such, it poses challenges for upcoming actors as well as established ones. Although your social media will only be relevant to buyers once you have a large following, it is also an opportunity to get your voice out there, refine your brand by getting to know your audience and connect with people from the industry.

Realize that, even on social media, people can sense your energy and so interacting authentically by sharing and following your core values while connecting with those who are in alignment with what you love is a much more beautiful and successful experience than trying to “appease” whatever industry people expect.

Be Authentic

There’s only one You and that is your Brand. This means that the more you focus on your uniqueness and bring it out, the more irreplaceable you will be.

Listen and Absorb

One of the best things about social media is it gives you the opportunity to learn how people perceive you. This means your brand can always be refined as you evolve. to absorb any efficient marketing choices that are congruent with your values and vision for the future. This means knowing how to draw the useful information out of whatever feedback you may receive and knowing that people’s opinion ultimately has nothing to do with you on a personal level and 100% to do with their personal taste. 

Trigger the Magic

Magic happens when you allow yourself to go with the flow and connect from the heart by following your core values instead of trying to get something out of people. There’s no better feeling than knowing people chose you because you are on their same wavelength and they recognize the song your heart is playing. Okay, maybe I got a little poetic there but you know exactly what I mean. The best part is that the more aligned you are about your values the less you will care about what others will think and the more impactful you will be.

On Brand

Once you know yourself and have done your research like a professional to establish your brand, make sure the content available online perfectly matches you and the stories you are a perfect match for.  All of your online content needs to be aligned with your brand and that needs to stay consistent to avoid confusing buyers regarding your type. Carefully choose your logo, profile image and promotional graphics and ensure they are the same on every social media channel. Research your favorite artists and brands and study how they effectively communicate their values through their branding.


Social Media is not about constant self-promotion, it’s about bringing value and connecting with people, companies and products that match your values. The content you share needs to be centered around providing value to the world, it’s uncharismatic to constantly talk about yourself. What can you bring in this moment to enrich someone’s life or support something you love? Most of all, make sure the things and people you do choose to promote are truly loved by you, otherwise, the lack of authenticity will come off easily and damage your warmth as well as trust factors.  So many celebrities end up looking cheesy and artificial because of their lack of authenticity and self-centeredness come through heavily. People remember how you made them feel so keep that in mind before posting anything. Remember that showcasing other people’s talent and expertise is just as important as sharing your own. You need to embrace the world if you plan on moving up the tiers to reach your dreams.We get to create the world we live in so make sure you engage your voice for the best of the world.

Tagging & Invites

No one loves receiving 10,000 invites per day or being tagged in content absolutely irrelevant to their interests or brand. Stay professional and only tag people in relevant content and after learning their tagging preferences first. Invites should be targeted to the people they are relevant to as much as possible. Friending people just to get them to Like your page before they even know who you even are is bound to alienate them and yes same goes for messages asking for Likes. Promotional posts about work you admire, people you appreciate, causes to support as well as other things that interest you, are an excellent way to connect with others and allow them to get to know you. Stay classy and focus on creating engagement through the value you provide to the world.

Easy on the Filters

Yes, that magic filter will give you flawless skin but most of the time it just makes you look like a CGI version of yourself. Remember that people meet you in real life and so it is extremely unflattering to use 10,000 filters on your images. The more natural you can be the better you can bring out your uniqueness. This doesn’t mean you can’t have fun with filters or make-up, just make sure most of your posts reflect who you truly are so as to avoid confusing the people who connect with your vibe. Loving yourself is the greatest example of Beauty you can show the world. Go easy on the filters, no one is like you!

Privacy & Disclosure

Never violate a person’s privacy by posting personal details they did not make public in comments or posts. Yes, the internet is incredible in connecting us to other people as well as to knowledge but always remember that not everyone is ethical. Being indiscreet and lacking finesse can lead to embarrassing people that are important to you and losing important opportunities due to coming off unprofessional and irresponsible. Once you book a job or participate in a project, learn everything you need to about the disclosure agreement and the way the project will be promoted, this will allow you to make conscious choices when promoting yourself and only disclose the details when it is time. Failing to do so may lead to losing the part you booked not to mention ending up in lawsuits.

To Comment or not to Comment? That is the question.

Elevate your thinking to keep from participating in online arguments and other negative aspects of the internet. Unless something is enriching your life, you are standing up for something in an elegant fashion or you have valuable tidbits of knowledge to share, avoid commenting altogether. Why? Because the energy you put out is everything. We’ve all fallen at one point or another for the comment thread temptation and when the people interacting on the other end are less than elegant, it tends to ruin the energy of the day. Unless there is something incredibly important you feel you can make a difference in by adding your voice, it’s best to steer clear of comment sections with heavy topics especially if you have an important day ahead. You can always get back to the topic and create content that is in line with your values as well as support causes without allowing others to drain your energy. Instead of snarky replies to strangers you can just make a commitment to do a live or a fundraiser in support of what you love and get people talking about healthy topics.


Yes, the web is a perfect opportunity to allow others to connect with your brand but keep in mind that if your every post is a selfie or self-promotion then you risk boring your viewers. The internet is about connection and being self-centered sends a message that you are not open to the world. Your self-promotion needs to be done in an authentic way, you are not an object but a multilayered person with a unique perspective. 80/20 rule is your friend, 80% useful posts for your audience — meaning posts that educate, entertain, or offer a solution to their problems and 20% self-promotion.


One of the most powerful ways to connect online is through storytelling. Share your story or stories that empower you. When you think of the most effective people on this planet you might glimpse that a big part of their effectiveness relies on the power of their storytelling, their are charismatic because they connect to the world and allow others to connect to their essence. Social Media is bombarded with superficiality yet the future of Marketing lies in hyperpersonalized content and effective storytelling. As an Actor, you are a natural leader and storyteller so tuning in to stories you’d love to tell should be natural.

Stay Grounded

Yes, it’s exciting to be in an online environment where your favorite mentors or icons might be easily reachable but keep in mind that there are also less than ideal characters “vying” for your attention, from fake castings to fake actor profiles and entertainment portals scams and so much more. Never give out your personal information or interact online without checking the source is legitimate and secured. If your favorite celebrity is online they probably have their account verified and you will notice a blue verification badge next to their name on any social site they are signed up on.

Use Your Voice

The internet can sometimes expose you to heavy content but it is also an opportunity to use your voice to support deep values, important causes and experiences you believe in. Never allow hateful comments or damaging content to create a big impact. Online bullying, trolling and mobbing are not to be ignored and should always be reported. Remember, you can affect change through your online choices and by expressing yourself you can connect with like-minded people.

Carefully curating your content and on-brand interaction allows you to ensure everything is in alignment with your highest values and with the change you want to inspire through your influence. Online choices have their impact so be the good kind of “Influencer”! The world needs more and more of those. 😉

Have Fun

Last but most importantly, have fun! It’s magnetic to see anyone fully enjoying what they are appreciating and all the layers of their life. 

If you have any fun social media experiences you’d like to share feel free to comment below.

Always keep shining,


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