Holidays are a perfect time to reconnect to life’s magic and step back from the world to gain perspective and focus on the lessons we experience. As an Artist, going back home for the holidays may also mean getting some much-needed time to detach from the hustle of self-promotion and networking to reorganize your business plan according to your gained perspective as well as new goals. Showbusiness writer and casting director Bonnie Gillespie, author of the top-selling Self Management for Actors, wisely suggests taking advantage of the holiday break to focus on aspects of your brand and get in gear for the new year.

Somewhere in between all the shopping, greetings and family dinners, it’s important to carve out time for your brand. Being dynamic during these days helps an Actor get out of the holiday funk and get focused and excited about the upcoming opportunities to serve the Showbusiness industry. Instead of becoming disconnected from your craft and falling into discouragement, you get to challenge yourself and elevate your brand to embrace the New Year and its opportunities.

I wanted to share with you my Get in Gear for the Next Year experience because I think there is a great benefit in it for actors looking to refine their brand. Meant as an introduction to Bonnie’s 100 days Get in Gear for the Next Tier coaching program, GIGFTNY is a 5-day online free training that counts down to the end of the year.

Below is an overview of the Self Management for Actors concepts we covered during GIGFTNY, I’m going to keep it general because I want you to look into this yourself by connecting with the program.


Mindset for Actors is key as self-sabotage, limiting beliefs and misconceived notions of others can greatly affect performance. During the first day, the focus of this edition of GIGFTNY was on reconnecting to one’s inner vision and getting the mind out of distractions and energy-sapping moments and into the creative flow. Below you will find a video of the gorgeous Bonnie explaining the True North visualization. I love, love, love this exercise.

Day Two – Type and Brand

Market research is an Actor’s best friend. During the 2nd day, the challenge was creating a survey centered on your current headshot and getting responses from people to better refine the brand. For an example of this, you can check out mine here. However, if you want to be truly ninja at this, I highly recommend reading this article.

Your Brand Umbrella, as Bonnie defines it, are all the roles you could play that fit your brand.

Day Three – Targeting

Your brand much like any brand has a target audience and overall vibe that defines it. In Bonnie Gillespie’s Self Management for Actors, she breakdown the process of intelligently targeting the shows that match your type. Using your market research survey feedback results and the concepts brilliantly outlined in the book, you can discover which shows are a perfect match to your vibe, tier as well as type, therefore, setting realistic goals on your journey.

Based on the feedback I received from those who took the time to fill out my online survey, some of the shows I would be a perfect fit for would be The Witcher, Outlander, Billions, House of Cards, Miss Sloane.  What do all these have in common? They all cast characters that match my type and vibe. But unless they also meet the criteria of casting people at my tier, then I must find more suitable projects for my current level.

Day Four – Networking

There are 5 types of Networking Bonnie Gillespie recommends for Actors looking to advantage their careers through the Hollywood tiers. Based on your previous research you should identify which of the below types of networking are ideal to meet and connect with your target buyers.

1. Industry networking events.

2. Non-industry non-networking events.

3. Classes, workshops, showcases.

4. Social media.

5. Snail mail. – Rare nowadays but recommended for some target buyers.

Day Four of GIGFTNY is all about identifying the areas of networking you master and those you need more practice in as well as about honing your on-brand interactions.

Day Five – Wrap Up

Time to congratulate yourself on fulfilling the commitment to refine your brand and meet the New Year at your very best. The more awareness you have about why, how and where you fit in, the more you can determine shows, films and projects you are a perfect solution to, thus, becoming an empowering, high energy, on-target professional storyteller. This translates to being irresistibly castable! 😉

This training is full of wisdom, helpful material and very energizing, whether you have read the book and continuously practice or simply want to test its principles, there is great value in it. Consider beginning from this free training as it allows you to connect and joyfully play with like-minded people.

Choosing a storytelling career also involves challenges, limiting beliefs and puzzling showbiz mysteries to solve as you move to the next level in your career as an Actor. Bonnie Gillespie is a perfect guide as she provides immense value through her work and emotional intelligence.

If you want to successfully define your actor brand and have the support of a brilliant mastermind group in the process, learn more about the Get in Gear for the Next Tier by visiting

Wherever you are in your storytelling journey, it pays to invest in yourself and elevate your brand. I strongly recommend reading the book and checking out Bonnie’s website. Her insight, realness and aligned heart are invaluable to actors during their wonderful and challenging storytelling journey.

Always keep shining,

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