The great gift of human beings is that we have the power of empathy, we can all sense a mysterious connection to each other.


Some of the most magnificent and powerful moments of life are those in which we connect to others through Empathy. This gift of life allows us not only to become deeper, more powerful human beings but to bring a beautiful impact to life as we come into contact with and understand others.

The privilege of being an Actor extends to getting to explore the depths of human nature and healing patterns that arise. It is endlessly enriching to access the perspective of another and learn through and from it.

Skimming the surface only allows you to portray an image, an idea of something or someone. To truly get in touch with a character or another person, you have to activate the courage to explore the depth of the traumas, fears, wounds, insecurities, mistakes and intentions that shaped their lives and lead their behavior. Doing is is an act of Love that rewards you with an expanded awareness and wisdom.

Actors as well as consciously focused, grounded people bring awareness through Empathy and in doing so create a greater understanding, connection and healing.

As we all live challenges and explore the lessons hidden within, we enrich our collective consciousness and evolve.

Empathy is an incredible teacher and it is a sort of superpower, as you activate more of it, it will refine your senses, intelligence and communication helping you give the world your best.

We are all connected and the greater the awareness we have, the bigger the part we play in bringing beauty and love into the world.

Keep shining,





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