Anamaria Maier photo by Mohamed Gomma

Anamaria Maier is a Multilingual Actress, Writer and Model. Born in Transylvania on November 18th, she comes from a family that appreciates world culture and has a love for the Arts. She exudes sophistication with the timeless grace of Marilyn Monroe and Rita Hayworth. She studied Law but the desire to inspire through acting lead her to discover Ivana Chubbuck‘s “Power of the Actor” technique where she studied acting with a focus on empowering people. In Italy, Anamaria enrolled in a Bilingual Master of Film Acting program at the HT Studio de Santis in Rome and was gifted a scholarship to attend Ivana Chubbuck Studios in Hollywood.

Artistic Training:

  • 2019 Prepararsi all’Obiettivo – by Fabrizio Costa, Claudia Marotti, Stefano Rabbolini
  • 2019 Bernard Hiller Rome Masterclass
  • 2017 Prepararsi all’Obiettivo – Veronica Pivetti, Luca Ribuoli, S. Rabbolini & Teresa Razzauti
  • 2017 Professione Artista – L’Attore di Successo – by Paolo Conticini & Pino Ammendola
  • 2017 Doris von Thury Audition / Acting Class
  • 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019 Power of the Actor by Ivana Chubbuck – uditore
  • 2016, 2017, 2018 Patrizia de Santis “Chubbuck Technique” Acting Workshop
  • 2016 International Casting Preparation Workshop – Franco Alberto Cucchini, P. de Santis
  • 2015 – 2018 H.T. Studio de Santis – Chubbuck Technique Master in Cinema
  • 2013 – The Perfect Voice – Roger Love Method
  • 2013 – Ivana Chubbuck Tecnique – Mandragora Movies Acting Studio

  Full list of courses and workshops available on iMDB Pro:


Other Studies:

  • Silicon Valley Digital Marketing Institute– Digital & Social Media Marketing
  • Spiru Haret University– Faculty of Legal, Political and Administrative Sciences





  • Spot Business Class Viaggi – Veratour (2019)



  • Il Soldato Spaccone – Flaminia


Member Of:

Artisti 7607, HT Studio de Santis, Mujeres nel Cinema

Special Skills:

Canto – Soprano, Krav Magà, Fitness, Horseback Riding, Roller Blading, Volleyball, Dance, Presenter, Writer, Digital & Social Media Marketing, Branding, Translations, English – C2 , Italian – C2, Spanish – C1, Romanian – C2, French – B2, Photo-editing, Drawing, Graphics, Web Design, Self-Development, Marketing, PR & Communications Consultant. Powerhouse of Strength and Sensuality, Powered by Shyness and Fragility.

Contact Details:

  • Talent Agent Cinema: Fabrizio Perrone – – +39 335 612 1928
  • Talent Agent Commercials: Mauro Michi – +39 327 950 8809

Anamaria Maier is sweet and loving and kind, her spirit resonates the divine, with energy that feels like a kiss form the heavens, misting her essence of beauty and love all over the place, touching our hearts, puts a smile on my face!

Poem written by Author Kate Sommers


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